Christmas tree manicure

Hello girls!
So far I think I did not tell you but I participate in the great Christmas challenge organized by the blog LovingCosmetic , this week I played the Christmas tree manicure .
And here you have my easy manicure for this Christmas , is a manicure that is very original, that seems to take a lot of effort and that we can all do at home.

To perform this manicure we need:
- Nail base.
- Enamel green color.
- Enamel of gold, yellow color or you can also use white.
- A little star or red circle.
- Nail art or similar ribbons. - Top coat./p>

The step by step of this Christmas manicure is the easiest:

1. We give a base coat of nails.
2. We paint our nail green.
3. When the enamel is dry, we put the tapes as you see them in the image, it seems a bit chaotic but then it looks very good.
4. We paint gold or similar color.
5. We wait until it is completely dry.
6. We remove the tapes.
7. We put the little star very carefully.
8. We give a top coat base on the nail so that it lasts longer.

What do you think of this Christmas manicure? Do you like easy manicures ? Kisses