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Frances J.

Ailyn is a great esthetician. I was going to her from December of 2018 until May 2019 (moving sucks ) and my skins is flawless. As someone who suffers with deep, under the skin cystic acne, and hyperpigmentation my skin is pretty difficult to deal with- NOT ANYMORE. She has not only helped me clear my skin but taught me about at home maintenance which has helped tremendously. Thanks to her I have so much more confidence in myself. The only reason I give this place 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the line of communication. Sometimes no one picks up the phone when calling spa. This can be inconvenient especially if you are trying to book/cancel appointment.


Todd U.

Jessica's therapy was, essentially, perfection with the "n."  Sooooo recommending her services, and so returning :-) for additional sessions.It takes a conscientiously, seasoned massage therapist to realize the layout of individual, human form and tailor therapy accordingly.Of all the massages I have received, this, this one, absolutely one to write home about. Here is THE DEAL-E-O though :-)  , I am working on a romantic comedy, and upon striking deep, oil I get "first dibs" on 5 hours @ every ten days whether you like it or not. LOL.  Her therapy is worth 150K annually. Thank you Mam.


Midge H.

I've always been very happy with the quality of the massage therapists and my experience.  They are professional and listen to any specific issues that I have.  My only complaint is the occasional noise through the walls or doors, but it rarely happens.  Thumbs up! M. Hiatt


Wendy C.

I had an appointment for noon, didn't get seen until 12:10 so the massage didn't technically start until about 12:15 ish.  When the massage was finished, I saw the time and it was 1 pm. Although the massage was great, I got ripped off for the time.


Sophia Z.

Extremely unprofessional location. I had bought a 60 minute facial on Groupon and called to schedule an appointment. I was not greeted appropriately and after bad phone signal was eventually hung up on, when I called back multiple times the voicemail was put on even though it was during business hours. I was finally able to schedule. I arrived on time for my 10:30 AM appointment, I filled out paperwork and was taken back to the room by my "esthetician" I was taken aback by the unprofessional wear of the women, she had jeans and a shirt on with Bluetooth around her neck...out of all the facials I have been to, I have never seen an esthetician dressed so casual. I was escorted to the room and was immediately turned off, the room seemed musty and not very sanitary. The facial didn't actually start until 10:44 and the women who was doing my facial was going in and out of the room to get the supplies. She was not prepared for my appointment, I was under the steamer for 15 minutes, only had extractions for about 5, this was a complete and total waste of my time. I just felt like I was lying in the bed with product on my face and no actual facial going on, I saw the time just wasting away. It was a strange and awful experience. If you're used to a professional setting, this place is not for you.


Jackie V.

This was the best birthday gift! I had the Swedish massage and dermatologica facial. The massage was very relaxing and I felt like putty after I finished. The facial was perfect . My skin was glowing and they were very gentle and listened to what I needed. The best part was they didn't push any products on me and made my overall experience enjoyable. I will definitely be back !


Steph A.

Update: owner called and fixed issue on the package. Still could use work on returning phone calls.  Good deal, but not a fancy spa experience. If going just to relax and get a massage this is a great deal.


Branden T.

I've checked out several of the local massage places however hands down this is the absolute best one.   I've had several of the masseuses here and Delroy and Mike are my two favorite they both do an excellent job of knocking out all the soreness.I've been coming here for almost 3 years now and nothing is going to stop that


Jule J.

It can have three stars cus I got my money back for this horrible experience. So my friend and I booked a couples massage on Groupon. We called to make our first appointment on March 4th. I called them the day of to confirm, and they said they didn't have us on the schedule. I asked them to look for my appointment, and they found it on April 4th. I was pretty positive I didn't mess up, because I'm normally good with that kind of thing..but I didn't get upset because we all make mistakes and it really could have been me who misspoke. So...I rescheduled for March 10th. About three hours prior to our appointment, they called and cancelled saying that the massage therapist had an emergency. Okay....fine. We rescheduled again for April 7th. On the day of, I called to confirm and no one was answering. Over three hours, I called about 6x trying to reach someone; I didn't want to waste my time going over there for no reason. I event left a voicemail with my contact info. Finally, my friend and I decided just to go shop in the area, and we stopped by to try to confirm our appointment during the shopping. The girl, "Ampi" told us we were not on the schedule. I asked her to look again, cus this time I was positive I had the right date and time. She said we weren't in the books at all. To top it off, they redeem your Groupon over the phone, so if I had called Groupon to get a refund, to them it would have looked like services were already rendered. I asked Ampi for a refund, and she told me to call Groupon. I was upset, and she started to get extremely rude and unprofessional. She was fighting giving me her managers full name, and then when I asked for a business card, her managers full name was on it anyway. After twenty or so minutes of trying to get this girl to work with me, and her contradicting herself numerous times...I asked her to hand write me a note and sign it, confirming that she told me her manager would get me a full refund. I was sure it was going to be a horrible experience with the manager as well, but she did call me and get me the refund from Groupon within a few days. Either way, I will never do business with this company again. Ampi is their front desk worker who is extremely unprofessional and lacks knowledge about the company. I can't confirm by name who I tried to schedule my appointments with, but if it was someone other than her, then they have multiple incompetent employees.


Liz W.

Wonderful massage by Heather!Tried this place out with a groupon and loved it.Clean Professional staffHeated table Most importantly, Heather listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly - scalp massage, neck and back, and pressure request.Loved it and immediately bought 4 more sessions.


Maegen R.

I have received 2 massages from Renew in the past so I decided to purchase one of their direct email special packages. I had some specific questions regarding booking my massage (I am pregnant but my doctor has specifically recommended some targeted work on my neck), so I called in to book my massage instead of using the online booking system. To date, I have called in 13 times (10 instances were sent to voicemail even during normal business hours). I have spoken to a receptionist 3 times, each time I was promised a phone call back after they spoke to the owner about my specific question. After a week of this, I dropped in to speak to somebody in person and she promised me that she would call me back with an answer within an hour. That was 2 weeks ago. I am so disappointed by the customer service, I just want my money back and will take my business elsewhere.


Arisnet P.

I went in for a microdermabrasion facial which scrubs off the top layer of your skin, mostly dead skin cells which can cause clogged pores and build up. The girl who did my facial was Ailyn, she made me feel very comfortable and provided a lot of insight on my skin. My face fells softer than a baby's butt. I plan to go again in a few weeks.


K K.

I was scheduled for a massage at 5:45 with Serena.  I showed up at 5:15 and entered the establishment. We didn't see any reception and just sat and waited. 6:00 rolls around and a massage therapist comes out of a room and tells me we are in the wrong building. Confused, I go to the other side and the massage therapist who I was to have was about to leave and told me I could only have 50 of my 60 minute massage because she had "somewhere to be." We drove an hour to get there so I figured it was better than nothing. I explained my neck was sensitive going into the massage after doing my whole body she moved to my neck and it was incredibly painful and she just told me to breathe through it, told me I had a bad neck for my age which made me feel even more stressed out. When it was over she came out of the room and started telling my mom I needed an x-ray or MRI on my neck and freaked us both out. I left more upset and stressed than I was before I had to massage. She is not a doctor and has no right to tell my mom or I what treatment she thinks I need. I Do not recommend Serena.


Ana G.

I went in for a dermalogica facial. The place is nice, very clean, the staff is friendly, it is also pretty big. The prices are very good from what I saw in their menu. Upon checking in they asked me to fill out a questionaire, and the last question was: " what do you want to get out of this facial" , so I wrote my answer:  "remove black heads and any tips about my daily skin routine". The lady who did my facial was Tracy, she greeted me and took me inside the facial room. She looked at the questionaire that I had filled out and asked me what was my skin routine (which I had already written down on their questionnaire), I told her what it wsd and she said "ok". Then we started the facial. She put about 10 different creams on my face, which all were amazing, they felt great on your skin and it was very relaxing, she really knew how to apply creams, the creams smelled great too. So this facial was amazing because it was very relaxing and the creams felt and smelled great.The CONS and why I gave this place 3 stars: I came here to get a facial where they would do lots of extractions. I told her and also wrote down that I wanted my blackheads removed. When the extraction time came, she touched my face with their metal tool very softly, I knew nothing was coming out because it was actually relaxing how she was using her tool. I even asked her "is anything coming out?", she said "not really, just a bit" , and right after she turned off the light and I realized we were done with extractions. That was disappointing. Extractions lasted about 5 min maximum and it did not hurt at all, it was actually relaxing. I've done many facials and extractions are suppose to hurt in order for your black heads to come out. Ok, so then she put on more creams, which by the way she didn't explain any of the creams, some were super cold. Some warm, some kind of burned, but she didn't explain any of them. Then she did an amazing massage on my shoulders (i will come back for a massage), and then we were done. She didn't really remove any blackheads and she didn't give me any tips on my skin regimen which were the only two things i wanted to get out of this facial. So yes I'm disappointed,  thats why i didn't give it five starts. Again the creams smelled and felt great, she made it super relaxing and the massage was amazing. But it wasn't what I had come here for. I will come back to try out the massages as their prices are good and the 5 minute massage she gave me was amazing. But won't come back for a cleansing facial.


Justine F.

Environment - relaxing and clean!Appointments - easy to book, text message and email remindersReceptionist - incredibly helpful and friendly Massage therapist - James, maria and Sandra were great!! Prices - very reasonable especially with their monthly specials!Will definitely be back.


Vannecer N.

My experience at Renew Wellness was perfect. From the moment I walked in they were so nice and it was a very peaceful place. While I was there I got the enzyme peel and the lady that did it was incredible. (I unfortunately can't remember her name) she explained everything she was doing step by step and made me feel comfortable. My skin feels amazing and I can't wait to go back for massages and more facials!


Anetra F.

First time here and it was very nice. When we pulled up was saw these two random people sitting outside, not in any type of identifiable clothing, so we didn't know they would be our messuses, just look like a odd bunch. However, will say that the most uncomfortable part was one of the masseuse has hairy arms and at times it felt very weird on my back, I can't really explain it. Otherwise, it was fine....Would I go back, theirs a 50% chance.


Ed H.

My wife and I came here for a couples massage.  Other than the fact we were in the same room, we didn't have any interaction.  The room was cold but the tables were heated, which was a nice touch.  Jaime worked on me and it was very good.  She has strong hands, a great touch, and really worked me over - in a good way!The facility is well maintained and inviting.  We will definitely be back for more!


Katrina M.

Such a nice place, friendly and it smelled delish when I walked in! Took advantage of a groupon but I'll be going back! Ask for James he's capable, relaxing and gave a great massage! Went back for a facial with Adriana and my skin is exhibiting a delightful glow! The consultation was informative and I'll be back for the recommended products!


Sandy M.

I was looking for a massage on Groupon and saw this place so I checked them out on Yelp and the reviews. I saw if you check in you get a massage for which was cheaper than Groupon so I gave it a try.  What a great find. When I checked in the Labor Day special was massage. You can't beat that for a one hour Swedish massage. The place was clean and Mike was my masseuse. He was wonderful. One of the best massages I ever received. He stretched my hands and it felt amazing since I work on a computer all day. The scented lotions and hot towels were great and he put a heating pad on my back when he was done with it. So nice! When I checked out I was told I could buy any amount of massages and use them any time. What a great deal. I will definitely be back. Highly recommended.