Zero euros at Christmas? Egg with surprise message.

Hello girls!
Now with the crisis there are those who do not have or do not have a euro for Christmas gifts, and before that only we have to use ingenuity.
Today I bring you a very easy idea and it can be an original gift for Christmas, a egg with message .
We only need an egg and paint it beautifully, please paint it prettier than me 🙂
A trick to empty the egg is to make a hole for each side and then blow.
painted egg

We write the message we want to give to the person we are going to give it to. You can do it in a tiny paper.

egg with message

We cut the paper and to enter the paper first we have to empty the egg. To empty the egg we puncture the egg on both sides with a fork, then we blow it and drop it into a glass.

Then we wash it and paint it to our liking.

egg with message

And when you break it, something like that will come out.

egg with message
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What do you think? this original egg ? Kisses