My latest low cost shopping

Hello girls!
Today I bring you my latest low cost shopping , this time there are not many, I do not want to wait have a huge post.
My first low cost purchase was this Bershka baseball for € 22, also had it in red , gray and blue but I liked it more. For a long time I had wanted, and this time I could not resist.
Bershka baseball player
 Bershka baseball player

Basic T-shirts Primark € 4 each, are basic t-shirts to keep cool and put under any sweater or sweatshirt.

Primark Basic T-shirts

Algodones and wipes make-up primark . It is clear that where a good cleaning arrives, the wipes do not arrive but for a Saturday when you arrive late and do not feel like removing your makeup, they are not bad.

Cottons and wipes primark make-up remover

- Primark tights, they are not very pretty but they are very comfortable. Its price was € 8

Primark meshes

What do you think of my low cost purchases ? Do you have any? Kisses