Manicure striped notebook

Hello girls!
Today I bring you an easy manicure from the old , I do not know if they are still used but at least I use more "squares" although I also have to tell you that this manicure has not stayed as well as it came out in my mind ...
manicure notepad stripes
For this manicure you only need:
- Nail base.
- Enamel white color.
- Blue enamel.
- Black enamel.
- Pink enamel.
- Top coat.
As you can see it is very simple:
- We apply the nail base.
- We paint one or two layers of white enamel.
- We make blue horizontal stripes.
- When the enamel is dry we make another pink stripe.
- Finally on one of the nails we draw some small scissors.
Striped notepad manicure
Stripes notebook manicure
I really do not like it very much, but anyway, it may not always look good ... I also teach you my failures.

Do you think the Manicure striped notebook ? little kisses