Manicure musical notes

Hello girls!
Today in the blog I bring you a quick and easy manicure to do with musical notes, what everyone can do at home.
What I have used is for the manicure of musical notes is:
- Pack nair art by HyM
- Essence blue enamel
- Flormar base
- Top coat of yes love
- Fast-drying drops of essence (for the impatient), if you do not have these drops you can enter your hands a few minutes in the freezer and it will dry before enamel.
low cost nail enamels

As you can see, this pack of hym brings as stickers or molds.

 pack manicure hym

We just painted our nails in a color that we like, I chose a lilac light. It is advisable to use a light color and then a dark one for the drawing.

lilac manicure

We put the sticker on top once the enamel is dry and we paint with another color the shape of the melody.

manicure musical notes
 Manicure musical notes

Finally, we put a layer of top coat so that the nail polish lasts longer.

What do you think of this musical manicure ? Kisses