Low cost finished products

Hello girls!
Today I come with another round of low cost products there are not many because it takes me forever to finish a product and they are all products of feminine cosmetics .

Opinion feminine cosmetic products:

The first one is a nail polish remover of the chinis, it's fine for the price it has, but it's not the best either.
Where to buy: in the Chinese.
Repetire: yes, even when it's over I have.
Price: 0.75 euros
Note; 7/10

Tersoskin hand cream of the best creams I've tried, I told you about it here TERSOSKIN HAND CREAM
Where to buy: in pharmacies and parapharmacies.
I will repeat: yes
Note: 9/10
Lotion before hair removal , which supposedly reduces pain, what reduces pain is seen to be a joke. Actually the boat is not spent much less but I throw it because it is useless. I had thought of catching the other of the same range that retards growth, but seeing the experience I've had with this better I do not buy it.
Where to buy: in mercadona div>
Price: I think it was 2.50 €
I will repeat: or crazy! it does not work, it does not do anything.
Note: 0/10
Fluor buccal , came in a box that I do not remember what it was I think Premium samples. So I do not know its price or where to buy, although san google knows everything: -)
Repetire: yes, it's pretty good.
Note: 7/10

Have you tried any of these feminine cosmetic products ?